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taylerann [userpic]

one of those

December 14th, 2006 (03:36 am)

Im in one of those moods. Can't really explain. But my throat is annoying me, my face is itchy and im so exhausted yet can't fall asleep. Blah.
I work tomorrow. Not looking forward to it.

taylerann [userpic]


December 1st, 2006 (04:58 pm)

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

In November I stole duckduckgena's purse (-30 points). Last Friday I gave lucyinyoface a Dutch Oven (-10 points). Last month imperfect and I donated clothes to the needy (11 points). In January I gave nermal_ a life-saving blood transfusion (50 points). Last week I put money in _zada's expired parking meter (14 points).

Overall, I've been nice (35 points). For Christmas I deserve a wedgie!


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taylerann [userpic]


October 5th, 2006 (01:34 am)

current location: home
current mood: energetic
current song: tv

its officially my birthday since i was born around 1am on October.5/1986 in Powell River General

taylerann [userpic]


July 31st, 2006 (04:59 am)

current location: home
current mood: dorky
current song: mtv live

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taylerann [userpic]


July 24th, 2006 (05:27 pm)

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there is that better?

taylerann [userpic]


March 24th, 2006 (11:44 pm)

The other nite some people came over.. wednesday i beleive.
Anyways, we had a few drinks. I bought these weird shot glasses that swivle.
I can't explain it.
Lots of craziness happend last nite.. haha lots.
Tommy's got violent fast.
Me and Gena and Trev kicked some serious ass. Literally.
Pictures from that tommrow when duckduckgena decides to get her ass in gear and get the pictures uploaded.
Maybe even the security camera footage.. we have our ways. haha.
You can see me in " rocky " action as dirty Paul called it.
soo ya..
Heres Lucy,Danielle,Gena,Tiffany & Shane.. Trev was there but i think he was the one taking pictures.

taylerann [userpic]


February 2nd, 2005 (11:51 pm)

current mood: crazy
current song: The Cramps

Friends Only:)
Comment telling me your:


Add me first and i'll consider ;)

taylerann [userpic]


November 16th, 2004 (10:32 pm)

current mood: stressed
current song: Eminem

Kind of like Art Attack i guess.. anywho..

Trev and I went to save-on-foooods a few minutes ago, going on a harmless " food quest.




15 minutes later walk out with: 2 large bags off BBQ Pork Rinds, 2 large bags of different flavoured pistachios, 5 chocolate bars and 1 large bag of sugar free* candies. Dear lord.

Eating healthy at work has turned me into a huge candy eating binger ever. Its sick. Almost twisted in a weird way. Anyways.. i work tommorow 11-7, it shall suck dick. But atleast i get friday and saturday off.. weekends are good. :) Hung out with Tab today.. seshed. Fun stuff. She's leaving in a couple of days to Alberta; intense. Spoke with Lucy briefly.. she is doing better.. apparently England is rainy.Well.. im gonna go munch now. Ouuuut <3<4


taylerann [userpic]


November 15th, 2004 (09:10 pm)

current mood: sore
current song: Eminem

I'am bitchy, tired and overrrworked.. well atleast it seems like it.

Today sucked, here's a little look at my schedules: worked 11-7 thats it. Damn. I dont like 8 hour shifts, because all i do is sit in a chair and write shit down etcetc.. its awsome when a customer comes in becuase that generaly means i get to stand up. Made good sales today.. so that was sweet. My kittie is freaking out behind me.. she is so happy for me to be home, trevors dad is talking to me.. tryying to tell me dogs are better than cats. fffffffthat. Its actually quite halarious.


taylerann [userpic]


November 8th, 2004 (08:08 pm)

current mood: accomplished
current song: silence

Ok, so these are a little bit more recent... from August. Up at Tyler's party yaaa.. so cool. I worked today.. allll day it sucked.. alot.. trevors dad just hit my ponytail.. bastard.. im off.. i need to eat this pizza..

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